About Agile Datum

Agile Datum is the data sciences arm of Agile Applications, specialists in innovative software for digital service delivery. Agile Datum focuses on developing advanced AI, Data Analytics and Intelligent Chatbots for public and private sector organisations to drive productivity and customer engagement.

Agile Datum specialise in delivering rapid prototypes, and fully scalable solutions, using our proven agile methodology that delivers rapid results and maximises on user experience.

Agile Applications deploys Microsoft Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to help organisations accelerate customer engagement, deliver competitive services etc.

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If you are investigating AI, Chatbots or Data Analytics and are interested in our rapid prototypes packages or in taking part and benefiting from our 2 year R&D programme, then we would love to hear from you.

Agile Datum

Agile Applications Limited,
79 Macrae Road, Eden Office Park, Bristol BS20 0DD
T: 0330 100 3675
E: info@agiledatum.com
Registered in England and Wales number 11862099, registered office 79 Macrae Road, Eden Office Park, Bristol BS20 0DD