Leading in AI, Chatbots And Data Visualisation
Accelerate your company to new levels of productivity and customer service, whilst automating tasks and reducing costs. Agile Datum, the data sciences arm of Agile Applications, delivers innovative AI solutions for Insurance, Banking, Retail, Automotive, Healthcare, Legal Services, and Travel industries.
Building agile proof of concepts and prototypes
Do you want to quickly build and test advanced AI, Chatbot and Data Visualisation prototypes? Agile Applications has rapid start programmes to quickly demonstrate the art of the possible






Legal Services



AI and machine learning
Solutions that deliver

Agile Datum delivers cost effective AI solutions that will transform your company, with automatic forms/text analysis, image analysis, natural language speech recognition and service automation. Agile Datum support you to use AI to automate processes and free up staff to focus on engagement.

Intelligent Chatbots

Agile Datum helps companies to accelerate customer service 24/7/365 with intelligent chatbots that deliver a better customer experience, greater insight and an excellent return on investment.

Data Visualisation
and Dashboards

Agile Datum can help you to unlock the data in your organisation, improve decision making with real-time insight and predictive analytics and quickly deliver interactive dashboards to share with your staff, partners and customers.